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  1. PHP Warning: preg_replace_callback(): Requires argument 2, 'vbet_createURLForAddressNoReplaceHref', includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions.php on line 222
  2. PHP Warning: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is no longer supported, use preg_replace_callback
  3. How many languages vBET supports 2.4.8 free?
  4. Canonical URLs Different In VBET Translated URLs structure Different From Regular Pages.
  5. Duplicate Headers Caused By VBET
  6. Translation Flags Not Appearing
  7. Install problems
  8. Text Disapears
  9. Free versions are reopened
  10. Announcement
  11. Display problem
  12. Announcement
  13. Showing blank page... 2.4.4 / VB 4.1.5
  14. vBet 2.4.4 cannot translate with kloxo
  15. MySQL errors
  16. Vbet 2.4.4, "language=" parameter not generated in in CMS
  17. Language not works with 4.1.3
  18. FACEBOOK link posting issue/request...?
  19. Question about sitemap FAQ
  20. issue with Navbar-Top placement and vBstyle
  21. vBET meant that my tags have fallen out of indesku Google!
  22. Where is the indexing?
  23. Crawl errors
  24. help fix issues
  25. Help Please
  26. vBET2.4.3 displays blank page
  27. have to be included before all rules to vbseo.php
  28. Problem Hack vbet4
  29. Any Description how to update?
  30. vbet not good ? is right...
  31. word " af " in mid of URLs
  32. vBSEO and VB Translator Enterprise
  33. vbet error with Marco1 HIDE all
  34. {Vb: raw vbenterprisetranslatorflags} does not work
  35. Do not translate the name of the hole
  36. I have trouble living
  37. Setting the Flags to different position
  38. strange issues on index page
  39. Arrangement of the flags in the Navbar
  40. Translator product and CMS widgets
  41. Translation stopping after single apostrophe
  42. Fatal error when website turned off
  43. Free vBET - vB Enterprise Translator 2.x
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