View Full Version : vBET4 Bug Reporting

  1. Solved URL's not working correctly when apostrophe in title
  2. Solved php warning on all pages
  3. Solved Translations stopped working
  4. Solved PHP Error from archive
  5. Solved When no API key Translation Provider marked as available
  6. Solved "This webpage has a redirect loop" with guests
  7. Solved Message from webmaster tools regarding incorrect rel-alternate tags
  8. Solved Tables doesn't exist
  9. Solved Facebook error
  10. Solved jquery loading for users unnecessarily
  11. Solved Getting error on vbet_doRedirect() in PHP logs
  12. Solved VBET V4.4.6 creates usergroups?
  13. Solved Google v2 api not being marked as available even though it is
  14. Solved URL's of e-mails are not correct
  15. Solved 4.4.6 bug
  16. Solved Now dissapears traductions ( Not works)
  17. Solved SQL error containing reference to VBET has started again...
  18. Solved Receive SQL error from vBulletin referencing vBET
  19. Solved Errors with PHP 5.3.8
  20. Solved Can not post comments on CMS articles
  21. Solved Translator flags at the top of page in CMS using Chrome & Firefox
  22. Solved Issue between vBET and vBMail.
  23. Solved some languages breaking the format
  24. Solved Reported posts issue.
  25. Solved Does not strip away the no-translate tag for TITLE, default language
  26. Solved Advanced search shows no results
  27. Solved Big problem.
  28. Solved \u200b\u200b
  29. Solved Accents not displaying correctly...
  30. Solved Bugs In Cache Cleaner (File Path / Illegal Offset)
  31. Solved Ignored words not filtered for forum headers
  32. Solved not able to change language in forum and thread
  33. Solved Googlebot has discovered errors
  34. Solved Private Message issue.
  35. Solved Goto New Posts
  36. Solved Warning: require_once vbenterprisetranslator_cachecleaner.php
  37. Solved 2 Bigs issue vBET need to be soved as soon as possible
  38. Solved Error when changing the bbcode [code] for other plugins
  39. Solved White pages when moderating.
  40. Solved White pages on login and moving posts.
  41. Solved Some problems changing directions (RTL to LTR) ... And more
  42. Solved Problem with styles and vBET
  43. Solved Warnings in Guest Cache
  44. Solved Misspelling
  45. Solved vbet generate a vbseo bug
  46. Solved Blog Post is doubly reflected in draft mode
  47. Solved "aminiwerting" hidden element created by vBET that breaks style
  48. Solved Notice error
  49. Solved Forum Blocks still buggy and also not translated
  50. Solved Major bug causes vbulletin main page to stop working
  51. Solved Forum sidebar with problem
  52. Solved vBET 4.2.1 does not translate vBSEO Javascript messages
  53. Solved vBET only works when CSS is stored as file
  54. Solved vBSEO Sitemap does not work anymore
  55. Solved 4.2 vBet placement is wrong
  56. Solved vBet XHTML 4.2 causes errors
  57. Usernames still translated
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