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  1. Solved PHP Fatal error - vbenterprisetranslator_functions_hooks.php on line 989
  2. Solved Problems with URL's
  3. Solved I bought vBulletin but I couldn't find the Hebrew system
  4. Solved error with vbry usergroup query
  5. Solved Перевод названия сайта в email
  6. Solved Translator is not working after vbulletin up date.
  7. Solved Solved Googlebot has discovered errors #2
  8. Solved update expiry of downloads
  9. Solved Caching queries
  10. Solved No Input File Specified
  11. Solved White screen upon posting or editing
  12. Solved Switching from vbSEO to dbSEO
  13. Solved Translated pages blank - not redirecting to translated URL
  14. Solved Error after updating to 4.2.2
  15. Solved how to get the manually translation to work
  16. Solved Cannot uninstall vbet
  17. Solved will these addons work with cloudflare
  18. Solved text disappear
  19. Solved how to get microsoft api key
  20. Solved Nginx error.log
  21. Solved Urgent, Can't translate at all
  22. Solved Translated links without URL Tracking
  23. Solved back to the products
  24. Solved Top of page (link) error
  25. Solved Multiple language paramters added when clicking on link
  26. Solved Tranlations not showing VBulleting 4.2/ VBet latest version
  27. Solved keywords - no translation
  28. Solved Quoting issues - part 2
  29. Solved overlly cautious anti spam settings
  30. Solved VBET not working on Forum or Todays Posts &amp problem & .htaccess
  31. Solved Quoting issues
  32. Solved Manual Translation is not saved
  33. Solved VBet not translating my pages p
  34. Solved Google not following URL's with special characters
  35. Solved Solution: No Translations using Azure Translations
  36. Solved messaging people
  37. Solved multiple mysql processes
  38. Solved Manual translation edit button not clickable
  39. Solved Forum cache messing up
  40. Solved Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS)
  41. Solved vBET Manual translation minor issue
  42. Solved Manual translation does not work
  43. Solved Not Translating
  44. Solved Profile location changing...
  45. Solved Pages not translating except for main landing page on forum
  46. Solved Not translating
  47. Solved not working after update fprum to 4.2
  48. Solved Error in pages with translation
  49. Solved Silly question
  50. Solved Table doesn't exist error.
  51. Solved Purchased, but no license key and no help from vBET - very unhappy
  52. Solved Does not display the translation and original text
  53. Solved not all are working
  54. Solved Completely blank pages on VBET translated pages
  55. Solved Problem after fresh install
  56. Solved Blank Posts
  57. Solved urls with ?vbetxx appended to them in google index
  58. Solved Outside pages not working on non base language, creates strange URL's
  59. Solved Google Simple API Access
  60. Solved Only Translating for Guests
  61. Solved FAST CGI change breaks .htaccess for vbet outside rule
  62. Solved A lot of 302's in Google webmaster tools
  63. Solved Translator not work as expected!
  64. Solved no translators
  65. Solved Strange /a/ directory being created before Rewritten Urls
  66. Solved Strange error!?
  67. Solved Google continues to index translated pages after uninstall
  68. Solved Nothing is working.
  69. Solved VBSEO URLS
  70. Solved Just install vbet
  71. Solved Translator not working with Microsoft and Apertium
  72. Solved Unable to translate thread
  73. Solved Not translating vBulletin 4.1.9 & vBET445BF
  74. Solved Paid for integration and not installed till now
  75. Solved Not translating after upgrade to 445
  76. Solved Invalid Forum specified. If you followed a valid link
  77. Solved problem in vBET Main setting
  78. Solved Urgent problem when installing
  79. Solved not translating pages completely in vbulletin 4.1.8
  80. Solved Google v2 not translating pages completely.
  81. Solved My naked translator doesn't work
  82. Solved External DB creation's error
  83. Solved Getting errors in PHP
  84. Solved VBET cache working, but providers not translating
  85. Solved 404s to Language??? I updated my htaccess and
  86. Solved Google API1 works not more Google API2
  87. Solved Delete Account
  88. Solved Troubl with vbseo integration - HELP
  89. Solved Support Under Circunstances That All Others Follow
  90. Solved Reply with Qoute Stopped Working
  91. Solved Dropping visitors
  92. Solved Vbulleting 4.7 + VBSEO 3.6
  93. Solved Uninstall & Results
  94. Solved broken links
  95. Solved Translation works on CMS page but not in CMS article
  96. Solved I am appealing to Google Translate, but need help from vBET first
  97. Solved How to remove the vbet language code
  98. Solved Hello everyone
  99. Solved Blank pages in payed version 4.4.2
  100. Solved Translations not working - Microsoft error
  101. Solved Empty translations.
  102. Solved Translations not working suddenly
  103. Solved Translations stopped working.
  104. To explain Errors errors errors
  105. To explain Time to first byte - BIG difference if Google is turned off.
  106. Solved Fatal error after 4.2.2 upgrade in CMS articles translation
  107. To explain [URGENTLY HELP ******] 3xx,xxx duplicated title tag ******
  108. Solved If thread title is exceeded by insertion of langtitle things break
  109. Solved Error after installing VBulletin 4.1.5, then VBet 4.4.2
  110. Solved Table & Guest Cache Cleaners not recording entries in scheduled task log
  111. Solved When cache is deleted/optimized my /tmp directory fills and mysql crashes
  112. Solved charset ISO-8859-9 not supported?
  113. Solved error
  114. Solved table vbenterprisetranslator_cache doesn't exit
  115. Solved How To Fully Uninstall
  116. Solved Flags Not Showing on Safari, Chrome
  117. Solved Trouble with vBET & vBSeo & chatbox
  118. Solved google automatic language detection not working
  119. Solved User profile language assignation can not be undone
  120. Solved problem with TITLE
  121. Solved Some Profile URLs (non-english) lead to profile of Admin
  122. Solved Error when editing a blog entry
  123. Solved Editor issue.
  124. Solved [HELP!] Registration via vB Mobile App (with vBet installed) don't work
  125. Solved It does works and Translation
  126. Solved Cache issue with wiki document
  127. Solved vbet+vbseo dont work
  128. Solved Fatar error after install
  129. Solved no translate tag in image url link
  130. Solved Translated forum links showing 404 errors
  131. Solved error during installation
  132. Solved Last Vistors to your profile page block, usernames translated.
  133. Solved database error with who's online
  134. Solved Flag not showing on mobile style.
  135. Solved SEO URL's not working.
  136. Solved Sitemap problems all of a sudden
  137. Solved [Urgent !!] Call to undefined function vbet_isLangOn()
  138. Solved Visitor messages, usernames translated.
  139. Solved Quotes not translated?
  140. Solved htaccess problems
  141. Solved Where to change this?
  142. Solved Blank page when moderating.
  143. Solved Average Time To Receive Product After Purhase?
  144. Solved Blad - reading posts does not work
  145. Solved New user account activation doesn't log the user in
  146. Solved Need help please ASAP
  147. Solved VB 4.1.4 and vbet 4.2.3 - mess
  148. Open Vbet Error online users Vb 4.1.4
  149. Solved Not showing Original Version When translated.
  150. Solved Issue with PM's send by vBSHOP!
  151. Solved Htaccess file should be?
  152. Solved Flags are messed up.
  153. Solved After upgrade rankbadges gets taken away.
  154. Solved Error_log Error
  155. Solved XCACHE warnings if not logged in
  156. Solved I now must issue a install ticket!
  157. Solved Error after uploading 4.3.0
  158. Solved Changing language code in a post issue.
  159. Solved db errors
  160. Solved Filtered words in thread title being translated
  161. Solved can't make SEO links
  162. Solved Problem after update with vBSEO integration
  163. Solved Google sitemap errors
  164. Solved Some strange problem.
  165. Solved Do not be automatically translated in all post
  166. Solved Webmaster Crawl errors
  167. Solved PhotoPost Without a Flag, Sant vBET in Priv
  168. Solved foreign characters when switching between languages
  169. Solved Error can not translate all threads and posts
  170. Solved root CMS translation problem
  171. Solved Google thinks new urls are for a different site
  172. Solved Unable to add cookies
  174. Solved Memory issues
  175. Solved vBulletin API making vBET useless
  176. Solved Flag url is incorrect
  177. Solved CMS in root, forum at /forum
  178. Solved posting in foreign language not translated
  179. Solved forum is dead now
  180. Solved problem importing
  181. Solved Translations return empty text
  182. Solved Installation: vBET 4.0.0 problems on vb4.0.6/vbSEO
  183. Solved Go To New Posts in Search's Not Working
  184. Solved no seo url's
  186. Solved New installation Error
  187. Solved Can't go back to default language
  188. Solved .htaccess issues
  189. Solved Help me
  190. Solved After registration no automatic translation
  191. Solved Need your help / opinion on the backup problem
  192. Solved Geting ERROR's from my system
  193. Solved How do I move the flag position for archive
  194. Solved How to set up Firewall
  195. Solved SOURCE First
  196. Solved Installation problems vBet on vb4.0.8/vbSEO
  197. Solved The problem with the encoding of responses.
  198. Solved Redirect loop problem when we enable "guest file cache"
  199. Solved Problems with the Installation of vBET
  200. Solved Config problem after instalation...
  201. Solved Translation does not work urls
  202. Solved How do I set an option without BBcode?
  203. Solved Google does not read the translation pages
  204. Solved Problem translating Title / Forum
  205. Solved Guest cache not working and when moderating have white pages.
  206. Solved how do I - Initial user language selection for all existing users
  207. Solved the word/phrase "Translations" in menu
  208. Solved Phrases that not get Translations
  209. Solved VB4.0.7+ flags can't be in Custom template
  210. Solved CMS page reverted to vb default skin.
  211. To explain Uninstallation.
  212. Solved translated posts mess with my layout search result
  213. Solved Looping
  214. Solved HELP - getting PHP Fatal error -
  215. Solved Language switching problem
  216. Solved translation and charater problem
  217. Solved White page on login.
  218. Solved when i activate guest cache browser says endless loop and locked
  219. Solved warning from google
  220. Solved Error in vbet_getRedirectionLanguage ()
  221. Solved error message using full file cache for guests
  222. Solved SEO issue
  223. Solved problem
  224. Solved No pop-up of Language
  225. Solved Forum locked
  226. Solved Posts not translated.
  227. Solved VBSEO problem
  228. Solved Ohhh no. VB 4.0.5 install gone bad
  229. Solved hundreds of php errors
  230. Solved Branding Free bought but still text credits in footer
  231. Solved vBET is running slow
  232. Solved external.php to include "real" translated URL's
  233. Solved Latest Posts Sidebar appears in original post language
  234. Solved Flags not showing?
  235. Solved reverse translation of posts not working
  236. Solved custom template homepage links
  237. Solved Google Bot error
  238. Solved redirect non-SEO -> SEO?
  239. Solved CMS-Translation differs when guest and when logged in
  240. Solved The problem with the server VPS
  241. Solved CMS front page - option to turn off display of translation flags
  242. Solved bug in 4.2.3 ?
  243. Solved 4.2.3 bug?
  244. Solved VBET .htaccess rules block sitemap download
  245. Solved Install keeps Failing!
  246. Solved functions_vbseo_createurl.php error
  247. Solved Flags Not showing
  248. Solved Some problem with VBSEO?
  249. Solved Any one got VBET working with nginx as proxy
  250. Solved Forum Blocks Shows lantittle =.. in the URL link?
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