View Full Version : vBET4 Feature Requests

  1. Rejected VBET addition - simple word or phrase replacement via location
  2. Already done To select different languages for translation, regardless of the language displayed with the cache
  3. Already done Export configuration
  4. In consideration Support for subdomains
  5. Already done Link to translated thread URL
  6. Already done Don't translate anything new threads but keep links to anything that is translated
  7. Accepted Major issue with duplicate content
  8. Already done Only translate new threads
  9. Already done Addition of rel="alternate" tags
  10. Accepted If API returns no results, return provider error code instead of null
  11. In consideration Translated searching
  12. Accepted User profile language option "not selected"
  13. Accepted Language wrapping or bbcodes modification staff facilities
  14. Accepted Improving Url tracking: internal links always in implicit language
  15. Accepted Flag added to postbit
  16. Accepted CMS articles not translating
  17. In consideration Get large and small flags?
  18. Rejected ┬┐How to configure a editor button for product bbcodes?
  19. Already done Ignore words in thread titles
  20. Already done filter of text outside message/posts
  21. Accepted Include translations in search results
  22. To explain My friends + sign on WIO page.
  23. Accepted Import language.xml to the language cache
  24. To explain Different default languages for different subforums
  25. Already done Hide vBET version
  26. Already done use other NON GOOGLE translate APIs
  27. Already proposed Diff file for vBSEO
  28. Already done Registration process
  29. Already done Mcached as cache
  30. Already done secondary usergroups for users depend on mother language for each user
  31. Already done suggest manual translation for users
  32. Already done vBET during registration in vB4 uses Tables
  33. Already proposed Email Translation urgently needed
  34. Accepted Guest Cache + Browser caching
  35. Accepted Title tags at similar threads not translated
  36. Already done Change default language option for Moderators
  37. Already done Exceptions for: "trust Google"
  38. In consideration Admin CP menus
  39. Already done Guest cache for all languages
  40. Rejected canonical
  41. Accepted Translate new registered user greeting
  42. Already done How to skip <code></code> ?
  43. Already done Changing the Copyright text?!?
  44. Already done Leave part of the title of articles in the CMS without translation
  45. Rejected Flag - link structure
  46. Already done Flags in one single image map
  47. Already done Can I left the original title for all languages?
  48. Already done Special Notice
  49. Already done Manually translate specific phrases Setting
  50. Already done Copyright Notice no link
  51. Already done " target="_blank
  52. Rejected "Select all/none" in settings
  53. Already done Dont translate new users post
  54. Already done register.php instructions
  55. Already done disable certain forums
  56. Accepted Inspiration for the Instructions
  57. Already done Flags
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vBET 4.10.1 gives automatic translations