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  1. Solved Important Bug in vBet!
  2. Solved Gentlemen please help
  3. Solved Foto and additional group bug
  4. Solved MySQL database version 3.4 with erros
  5. Solved Guest cache not redirecting default URL's properly
  6. Solved Multi lang in url permanent redirects
  7. Solved More bugs! Wrong URLs indexed by goodle - Very BAD!
  8. Solved Alt text error on translated pages
  9. Solved Google caching thousands of duplicate pages with /lang/lang/lang issue
  10. Solved cachecleaner
  11. Solved Stylesheet is not loading CORRECTLY
  12. Solved the Malay flag is wrong
  13. Solved Get error when edit/reply post, because a thread
  14. Solved vbet redirecting query strings in urls
  15. Solved external_complete hook
  16. Solved &goto=newpost links don't redirect properly
  17. Solved When I clean the cache I get some errors
  18. Solved Avatar popup text (alternate text) broken in translated pages
  19. Solved vbenterprisetranslator_functions_vbseo.php Notice
  20. Solved Showstopper bug on "Full File Cache for Guests (BETA)"
  21. Solved Linkback in archive/sitemap
  22. Solved Usernames being translated
  23. Solved Use Full File Cache For Guests (BETA!)
  24. Solved vBET 3.3.4 breaks vbSEO "new" posts link..
  25. Solved Vbulletin 404 page has display errors - major bug
  26. Solved BIG Problem... gzip only works with vbet disabled...
  27. Solved Redirection error
  28. Solved Goto new post and mark forums read
  29. Solved Translations not working outside forum folder
  30. Solved langtitle=sk]F.. bug?
  31. Solved Thanks for vbet but i notice some strange problem with cmps_index page
  32. Solved Additional langtitle parsing issue
  33. Solved Custom profile fields
  34. Solved New version update and Title not translated
  35. Solved Extra spacing between flag on chinese
  36. Solved vBET 3.3.2 breaks daily/weekly digests for vBSEO users
  37. Solved Cosmetic error on bbcode list
  38. Solved Call to undefined function vbet_translateDelayedBuffer() for RSS
  39. Solved Strange code
  40. Solved -start-vbet-not-translated-area-sabine-f-end-vbet-not-translated-area--u.html
  41. Solved Uninstall Error
  42. Solved Threads with quotes result in 404 error
  43. Solved Missing language parameter on links in RSS
  44. Solved Fatal Error when switching language
  45. Solved Vbet and subscription emails
  46. Solved Still Googlebot problems
  47. Solved vbetflag- issue not resolved
  48. Solved Paid Subscriptions
  49. Solved Small Error
  50. Solved Errors in Google webmasters tools
  51. Solved Wrong coding in vbseo meta content description
  52. Solved Users will be redirected to Spanish Translation
  53. Solved Validation
  54. Solved Delete blog post, language switches
  55. Solved "vbet_ flag-" issue
  56. Solved One of the vBET Options are missing
  57. Solved Unable to view last page of thread
  58. Solved vbet php error
  59. Solved vbet wont return to english for guests using footer flags
  60. Solved Part Japanese profile bug
  61. Solved Very many errors Meta Title
  62. Solved Wrong coding in RSS
  63. Solved Canonical URL's and VbET
  64. Solved Too much crawl errors.
  65. Solved group disscussion bug in url
  66. Solved E-mail with issues
  67. Solved Small error
  68. Solved vbet+vbblog
  69. Solved Bad language reported in member info
  70. Solved Bug in the online users list
  71. Solved Phrase missing
  72. Solved Changing language in usercp but keeps link in url after
  73. Solved Translation box does not show in VM's
  74. Solved trailing backslash on forum logo.
  75. Solved Uncached template in showthread
  76. Solved Bug in Member profile page, in Recent Activities
  77. Solved Links at the top of the page
  78. Solved Having 2 lang= bbcode...
  79. Solved WYSIWYG & editing..
  80. Solved Uncached template in usercp options - edit details
  81. Solved vBulletin 3.8.4 UTF-8 encoding, display a blank
  82. Usernames still translated
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